We can offer a broad range of business advice, services and support for startups.

We help startups to translate their dreams and passion into a Business Reality. We understand the complexities of the Business Start and the fact that an Experienced Advice can only set a path to a Success and risks management. With our knowledge, we will guide you to the informed decisions. At Unix Accounting we can offer a wide range resource to start your business including Company Establishment, Insurance, in-house website design and marketing.

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We understand that a great proposal is a driver for your business destiny.

We help our Clients in creating their statement of business goals and setting our plans for reaching them. Our experts will study your requirements and develop methodologies to attain them. We will produce a comprehensive document, tailored to your circumstances and provides you with enough tools to channelise your goals to success.

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Why Choose Unix Accounting?

  • Easy to switch: You may decide it is in your company’s best interest to switch accountants, in this circumstances as a professional courtesy simply we will contact your old accountant on behalf of you requesting all documents. The application is simple, and we can deal with all of your accounting needs in one place.
  • Experience: We have a vast amount of experience in working with companies in a wide range of industries. Unix Accounting built on 4 different companies to became one powerful service provider. 
  • Price: Our services are very competitively priced, without hidden costs or extras. 
  • Saves you money: We can minimise your taxes, to an amount that may be greater than our annual fee. 
  • Approachable: We want you to feel comfortable talking to us, which is why we try to make things easy to grasp in a friendly and relaxed manner. And don’t charge for extra needs or consultations.
  • Accessibility: We ensure that we will communicate in a simplistic manner, removing the intimidation that can occur with tax and accounts. 
  • Punctual: We ensure that our work is always completed to the arranged deadline, and if not we will take responsibility for any fines incurred.
  • Insured: We are Insured, licensed and regulated to provide practice accounting, tax and financial advisory services.
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