Some of our previous works:

Accounting and Bookkeeping Service

Price: £490 – £990

Cleaning Service with articles

Price: £490 – £990

Building Service | Multi-Language

Price: £490 – £1490

Accounting and Bookkeeping Service
Built-in Chat / Booking / Forms / Payments

Price: £990 – £1990

Travel Agency with Dropship
Fully automated revenue system

Price: £990 – £2990

Charity and Blog with Video Streaming
Built-in SAT-NAV Tracking System

Price: £1990 – £3990

Pest Control Service
Built-in Unique Form and Automated SEO

Price: £490 – £990

Massage Website Design
Including Booking System / Privacy Policy / GDPR / Business card

Price: £490 – £990

Massage Service Website Design
Built-in Forms and Apple Pay – full-width design

Price: £490 – £990

Fully Automated DropShip Website
Automated Generating Revenue / Training Included

Price: £990 – £1990

Painter and Decorator Website Design
Responsive Design / Gallery / Privacy / GDPR

Price: £490 – £1290

Construction and Building Website
Including Research, Articles, Contents and Logo

Price: £490 – £990

Cleaning Service Website
Google Location Service + Smart Form + Auto SEO + GDPR

Price: £490 – £990

Massage Therapy Website – Local Service
Built-in Online Payment / Invoice Generator / Auto SEO / GDPR

Price: £490 – £990

House Cleaning Service Website
Including Smart Form / Auto SEO / Stock Photos / GDPR

Price: £490 – £990

Dermatologist Website Design
Google Location Service + Smart Forms + GDPR + Online Payment

Price: £2490 – £2990

E-Commerce Website – Auto Dropshipping
Built-in Online Payment / Invoice Generator / Auto SEO / GDPR

Price: £990 – £2990

Luxury Car Hire with Chauffeur Service Website
Including Smart Forms / Auto SEO / Stock Photos / GDPR

Price: £1490 – £2990

Digital E-Commerce Forex Website
Downloadable Digital Product + Online Payment + Multi Currency

Price: £1490 – £2990

Forex Signal and Trade copier Website
Built-in Online Payment / Invoice Generator / Auto SEO / GDPR

Price: £490 – £2990

Multi Vendor Dropshipping
Half Automated / Multy Currency /
Automated 2 ways Invoicing
Self SEO – Google Compatible
VAT Calculator / Amazon eBay AliExpress

Price: From £2900 –

Comprehensive Auto Dropship Website
Amazon Aliexpress Facebook Market
Auto Invoice and Postage Labeling
Additional Service Dropshipping 
Self SEO / Global VAT Calculator

Price: £4990 – £7490

API Based Multi Vendor Dropshipping
Fully Automated / Multy Currency / Invoicing / EU Coverage
Auto SEO + Self Advertising Smart System
VAT Calculator / Amazon eBay AliExpress

Price: £4990 – £7490

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Price: From £290 –

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What you can expect from us:

Professional Bespoke- and Theme -based Website Designs

Weboldal keszites Angliaban Londonban

Unix Accounting with Quantina Intelligence and Partners are controlling a large existing amount of IT and Human resources for software developing, financial market research and automatized solutions. Therefore we can build modern and responsive websites designs along with the latest technologies for the much lower price than average market price.

Responsive Mobile Design 

Over the years, mobile sites and application have become a substantial part of every company’s digital media plan. With the increase in Smartphone use, ensuring you have a quality mobile presence is not only absolutely important but also incredibly essential to any successful marketing campaign. Quantina Intelligence can develop a wide variety of Mobile sites as well as custom Mobile Applications for any device or platform. As a result of our immense experience in the field, we are able to develop custom mobile marketing and info delivery solutions for our esteem clients. Our work involves developing mobile-ready platforms to synchronize with your existing web presence or as a standalone product made to specifically target mobile audience. We deploy the latest technology in mobile practices to build a mobile presence that will function effectively on different screen resolutions and mobile operating systems.

Latest Technology Built-in 

Our technology inspired designs and intuitive user experiences were born out of the need to address our clients’ specific business goals and resolve user challenges. Driven by innovation and passion, our work and products have been recognized for high standards of excellence and the application of high-end built-in technology. We are continuously working to improve our web design processes utilizing the most technologically advanced means and a lean production model.

24 Hours Technical Support 

At Unix Accounting, our clients come first and that is why we offer a reliable 24 hours support system. You never have to get lost on anything again; our support staffs would always be there to help you at any time of the day. We literally work round the clock to ensure that you get a quick resolution to any challenges you might face at any point in time. While others are sleeping, we are making sure you are happy.

Dedicated Project Manager 

As a forward-looking organization with the progress of our clients in mind, Quantina Intelligence offers each and every client one-on-one service directly with the designer that managed their project. With this, you will have a dedicated expert that will work on your project from start to finish. You are the most important part of our business and that is why every one of our clients gets a personal project manager to ensure continuity and efficient delivery.

One Time Payment or Monthly Installment

Just like our service, our payment plans are flexible as well. With us, you get the option to make a one-time payment or pay in monthly instalments. We know life can be unpredictable so we put all the option on the table if or when the unthinkable happens.

No Hidden Cost 

This is a crucial one. Most web design agencies lure you with cheap service fee only to up-sell different kinds of services that should have come with the initial offer. We don’t do that. Our fees are always what they are, no more no less- no hidden charges. Once the deal is made, we don’t come with bogus add-ons that require extra charges. Our fee remains the same from start to finish.

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    Google Advertisement Based on your Budget

    When all is done and dusted, getting consistent traffic to your website will become paramount. At Quantina Intelligence, we offer a range of Google advertisement options for website owners who want to increase the marketing effort. Our Google advertisement module is tailored to suit your budget. Regardless of how much you have, we can get you can get you into the marketing game with a promise of significant return on investment for your effort.

    Company and Product Video Designing

    In an era of intense marketing competition and sophisticated business practice, innovation is what it takes to survive and video marketing is at the forefront of that effort. Our marketing experts are on standby to help you plan and produce engaging marketing videos for your company and product. It has been determined that consumers respond to video marketing better than traditional marketing and it is time you take advantage of that now.

    Business Card Design and Printing

    With lots years of combined experience in the design industry, we have been able to produce numerous cutting edge design solutions for our clients. All of our projects continue to be based on the basic fundamentals of quality design, which is the one thing that has remained constant through the advancement of technology. Our experts will assist you in designing business cards that would do a great deal of good in projecting your brand. We recognize the effectiveness of branding in all our work.

    Marketing Materials (Banners and Flyers)

    Our conversation with your audience goes well beyond the digital space, and tactile communications are certainly still relevant in today’s business world. From banners to flyers to brochures and everywhere in-between, we are well-versed in bringing your story to life no matter the medium.

    Promotional Material Designs

    To get your brand out there for people to see, you may need to explore other channels and think outside the box, At Quantina Intelligence, we have graphic designers who are experts in designing promotional materials. We can design materials ranging from company mugs, USB flash drives, mouse mats, shirts, banners, etc. You bring up the concept; we will help you design it.

    Legal Documents Writing

    Official business documents writing for your company can be a tricky task especially if you are not in the know of what is involved. We have technical and legal writers who can flawlessly construct official documents like privacy policy and terms and conditions for your company. You can get your mind off the minor tasks and focus on what is truly important.